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Black Secret Magic 2x Whitening Body Cream

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Lots of the natural polysaccharides contained in natural substances have the molecular mechanism promoting the efficacy that affects the damaged skin and regenerates skin.  In particular, the efficacy can be expected if the substance containing polysaccharides is applied to the severely damaged skin such as the reddened skin due to strong sunlight in summer.  Thus the natural polysaccharides can meet the aim to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays as well as have the function as moisturizer harmless and safe to the skin inhibiting moisture evaporation of the skin.  The substances fermented using microorganisms affect the skin being absorbed to the skin without losing the efficacy and effects, maintain the unique

moisturizing effect of the natural polysaccharides, and the synergy effects such as antioxidant effect, antibacterial effect and anti-inflammatory effect can be expected.

Beans (Fermented)

▪ Excellent moisturizing ability based on the mucous polymer material generated from fermented beans.

▪ The abundant nutrients of beans and the high skin penetrating ability that can be obtained by decomposition through the fermentation process.

▪ Moisturizing ability, applicability, spread ability, adhesion and water absorption that are increased through fermentation


Mistletoes (Imperata)

Mistletoes that provide the skin with excellent moisturizing ability due to the natural moisturizing factor as they have the rich mucous substance as well as the useful ingredients such as alkaloid, flavonoid and saponin


 Imperata (Fermented)

 According to the oriental medicine, imperata stops thirst by enriching moisture as it has the efficacy to cool down the fever of the acupuncture point and to generate sap.

 ▪ Consisting of three fermentation substances of bean, mistletoe and imperata

▪ Excellent moisturizing ability based on mucous high molecular substance

▪ Making the skin healthier by adopting the safe and efficient method of nutrition increase that the natural fermentation can have!

▪ The Biopolymer substance generated by fermentation enhances the skin moisturizing effect and inhibits moisture evaporation.


  Witch Hazel Extract

It has the excellent stability due to the substance of the contraction of pores.  Hamamelis, similar to astringent hazel tree, is a plant of about 7m with small and yellow flowers and leaves of the shape of line.

American Indians have used it for itching, burns, muscle ache, allergies and all sorts of inflammation since long ago.  The U.S. Health Agency has evaluated its value in terms of prophylaxis as a result of the medical analysis and examination. 

The prophylaxis means the important antioxidant function of hamamelis.  Antioxidant blocks oxidation against super-oxidradical (generated by the enzymatic reaction in the cells) that is harmful to the cells. (Example: aging spots – oxidized body fat)


☞ KFDA has recognized the whitening function

☞ Natural ingredients, fragrance and excellent moisturizing ability

☞ Paraben-free and alcohol-free


We strongly recommend Black Secret Whitening Cream to the  following people.

① People who are troubled with pigmentation of armpits, breast, elbows and groin

② People who concern the uneven skin tone when going outside

③ In case that the skin tone is dull due to troubles

④ People without self-confidence to wear exposed clothes due to the skin tone

⑤ People who suffer from no change although they used various products

⑥ People who consider a medical process due to severe  pigmentation